Monday, November 25, 2013

Tandem Glass Hosts Crafts Throw Down/Potluck to Benefit The Good Shepherd Food Bank

This weekend holy#&*!!!
Yes, Nov. 30 from 2-7pm,  We have some amazing guests and demos. I'm so thrilled and totally unprepared for this to happen. If I had one word to describe how it came together It'd be: BrainStorm.  Several kernals (or seeds) are at the origin of its conception. The most primary is that creativity build things, not just works of art, craft,garden, or food but Creative Capitol. I've seen it again and again and it's always inspiring.
This year with SNAP benefits being cut and many people going hungry we chose the Good Shepherd Food Bank for our fundraiser. We are really touched by the support weve gotten in this endeavor: Gryffon Ridge Spice company is not only bringing samples but her award winning chili! Fiddlers Reach Mead will be donating some of his subtle spirits for tasting. Bear Bones Brewery as well is bringing 3 different brews. I would describe them as complex and adventurous. If your sick of being knocked on yur ass by hops (which I'm not actually I love a hoppy beverage) they have some really surprising brews. Watershed is loaning us their Mud Mobile! If your not familiar its every bit as awesome as it sounds and hopefully for the artist who mans it it is nothing like an off-roading big tire adventure.Because we will have their potter's wheel Tim Christensen will be doing clay throwing demos. Tim is also one of our Guest Artists, Nisa Smiley being the other. Watershed will be displaying the work of their prestigious craft folk as well. 100% of Watershed sales will go right to watershed. Tandem Glass of course will have work on site and be doing demos. All of these sales send 20% to the Good Shepherd Food Bank.
Here is the thing about the food bank which is amazing: They are a great organization interwoven throughout the state with food distributors and farms. They tell me that for every dollar they create 4 meals. I have to tell you Im still stunned and choked up from learning this. It gives you some scope in the dimension of this problem of hunger in Maine. It gives you some idea of how hard working and creative poor people in Maine need to be. We will be taking up a collection of food onsite and sending back with GSFB organizers the evening of the event. When I confirmed we could collect food on site  they told me that stunning fact. Yes they are hard working committed people and a great example of how you can grow your dollar into 4$'s in services with the right charity, but they are very hard hit by these benefit cuts (as is Maine's economy which just lost 2.38 million dollars that had been previously spent in our markets). They are working extra hard these day and this Holiday season. We hope you can make it to our event!
Many Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, September 08, 2013


Yes, noodles. They are inspiring. You might start picking up a theme if you look at my work over a long period of time: FOOD (and toys). Ideally it comes from plants which are... gorgeous colors.
(Yes, I have been watching mind of a chef and obsessing about ramen noodles as well. )
My computer is still haunting me with nerve wracking error messages. Adding to the fun I'm behind on photography....etching, polishing....catalog making, and show applying. All my pets seem to be molting and nobody is vacuuming....for a really long time, like all summer........GAR.
All of this sort of peaked when a client from California I hadn't spoken with in a while hunted me down. It was incredible. A great compliment (as well as being a cool and awesome person to work with). I loved the idea of my work being in Cali even if I couldn't. Its hard to describe the deluge of issues it did bring on. I really didn't feel like I'd been making any work. What did I make now anyway?! (I really have barely made the type of work she knew me for since our move to Maine).?How do I charge for that now? After paroxysms of self-loathing, sweating, agitating over the old crucible in our furnace etc. I....just kind of blew it off, which made me even more sad and stressed out. GEEZ...It got overwhelming. These jobs though eventually (hopefully) reach some kind of critical mass (it took a whole month), and the easiest ones go first and get some of the other ones shooting out after them. I knew it was a good push (request from said client), but I found the fear and loathing part making me think: "Maybe I don't even want to make that work anymore." (chills) I mean it is technically challenging...I may not be up for the same levels of self punishment I previously seemed to enjoy....Well, good news: Apparently its not true.
Long and the short of it though is that the self loathing bit had me thinking I wasn't making work that was uniquely me (like what I did before Charlie and I formed Tandem, when my assistant was not my co-conspiritor). This is not entirely true of course. Everything I do for Tandem is mine and many of my color choice and designs fill what we have goin on here at the shop. I guess it's more the challenge of any shared partnership....and being an introverted creative type I need to stake out undistracted time.
Which I got this weekend. I found I have been working on my own designs, a few actually...kind of a lot of ideas. I'm actually thinking of applying to do a show with just my own work..

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Groaning under the weight of inspiration:

Your start-up disk is full read my computer this morning. No kidding! I've been cramming it full of images and I think I might of backed it up to itself doubling the problem. After nearly a full day spent organizing the bookmarks on my computer (files: watch, read, listen, learn, garden, eat, etc.) I'm newly inspired to clean things up a bit. It occurred to me this morning that I could offload some of these inspirations onto my blog! Yay Cloud storage! So here goes:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wow, I just realized how long its been since I last posted! News from Dresden Mills Maine is good. We had a great December which included visiting Boston for the Society of Arts and Crafts Holiday show, and hosted a fundraiser for Maine Crafts Association that was very successful.

 Musicians Twisted Strings (a fiddle band) played music in the hot shop while we did demonstrations and local spirit makers Fiddler's Reach, Savage Oaks, and Lewiston's Baxter Brewery donated mead, beer and wine for the occasion. It's the first time we've done a fundraiser and we were able to donate 25% of our sales. We have plenty of time to plan next years fundraiser. In the meantime we have been fine tuning designs. The Whale ornament is a new design for me. I had a great library when I was a kid and the illustrations of whales really stayed with me. When we moved to Maine started seeing the folk art wooden whales and the expressions and simplicity again struck me. Of course whales as creatures are remarkable....So there is lots of inspirations here to delve into (I even have some barnacle murrini).

We are also back at our local Maine farmers market at Fort Andross This market is every Saturday from 9-12:30 It's not just a chance to display our work we do all our shopping there. Seriously! with the exception of paper products and......bananas. If your local you must check it out 50 vendors, music...Its awesome.
Follow our exploits and inspirations? I'm much better at updating our FaceBook page:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The forklift has proven very useful! In addition to shipping palettes of glass and receiving large deliveries for our studio and neighboring businesses we also used it to hoist shingles roof level for our new garage roof, reorient a large granite step stone that sits at the entrance of the farmhouse, and lug firewood. While its really fun to drive the lack of brakes is sketchy....  Apart from moving big things around we have been up to what is now the usual seasonal thing: Blow glass all winter, and when the weather starts to heat up shut down the studio for summer months of gardening and going to shows.
We've got our typical show schedule along the Maine coast lined up, and are excited with new colors and designs. The glass carafe's we made this year are better than ever. Its always a great experience as an artist to make what you want to do and see people gravitate to it. It's probably what keeps me making things.

Other news is that Charlie is coordinating a crafts show for Maine Craft Guild this July in Damariscotta In the fall he heads out to work with Paul Marioni as a t.a. at Pilchuck . Terrill is now serving on the board of the Maine Craft Association . All in all  It's been a pretty quiet life this year with actual time off for vacationing, visiting friends and recharging. We are ready this summer for more of the usual: hang out and greet visitors the gallery , work in the studio, garden (can't wait for the tomatoes and cukes!) and enjoy summah!

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Cali Press!

Thanks JoAnn Hartley!
It's been a full 4 years since we moved to Maine, so this mention by designer JoAnn was so sweet.

These photos are from Marin magazines article of a few years ago featuring my work, but her recent write up is in the SF Chronicle It's super nice to get a mention.
We've been up to so much and I've been so bad about updating that I'm not sure what to mention first. I've go my fingers crossed that these samples become a job:

and we've just started working with a talented metal guy Matt Koestner

So Much to tell! visit our Facebook page for more!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

San Francisco Press:

photo by George Waldman

Thank-You Jason of Eco-System Landscape solutions! Jason is a friend we met in the glass studio in California. He is a very talented landscape designer and it has been great to catch up with him and see that he is successfully making beautiful work that improves the way landscapes impact our enviroment. Oh and his work is beautiful too! Check out this mention of the project we worked on with him in the San francisco Examiner...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Winter is supposed to be a time for internal percolating, yet somehow we are busier than ever! While the days are chilly we are keeping warm with the studio coming up with new work and refining some pieces for the upcoming Craft Boston show. We have also just been invited to be vendors at the Brunswick Winter Market in Fort Andross. We are excited to join our neighbors in this local artisans food and craft market. Otherwise the only news is there isn't enough snow for my tastes (dangerous words I know), and Charlie has been on a beer brewing run.
Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

random publicity and other meanderings...

Belated thanks to the folks at designgrid a blog who posted images from my web site a while back...

I went looking for the image online because the client has recently asked Tandem Glass to remake this vase, and my own web-site is under construction so I just ran an image search under my name on google....(oh how I love thee google), and up came designgrid's post..I must say I'm glad I stumbled accross it.

Other studio news is pretty sparse. We are hunkering down for the winter here what with unseasonably cool temperatures. It's good inspiration to have the shop on! Getting outdoor projects finished up , and preparing for a few shows. Many Thanks to Randy Fein who is putting on the artful gift show in camden...She's got an image of a rust slinky on the show postcard, and web-site

it's for sale on etsy people !!!
There's a really great rusty chocolate transparent one that would look really good with it too....hmmm gotta go grab my camera.

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